Making a Webcomic Pt. 6

Been a couple very, very busy weeks. Last weekend I participated in Tough Mudder in New Orleans, so I spent all week preparing and driving there, then spent the next week driving back, playing catch-up, possibly getting a new job, and going back to work. I had planned on starting back up today, but I had a training to go to. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to getting to my “panel-a-day” goal back on track. Friday I was able to fix the last panel I did. It’s a medium shot of one of the main characters and the first time didn’t look right. But I was able to get it fixed. Tonight I’m going to start on the next panel because it involves both characters being in it, so it’s a little complicated. This will be panel five out of seven for the first page. But I’ll keep chasing the dream.

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