Motion Study-Fight Scene-Part 1


I’ve decided that to help me with my animation, I should look at some of my favorite movie scenes and study the movement, whether it be human, animal, or force of nature. So for my first one, I’m studying action in a fight scene. The establishing shot features 11 people. What an undertaking. This is currently three people at a little over 35 frames. Just this little bit took about three hours to do. This is just the first sketch to help me get the timing right. After I get everyone kind of fleshed out, I’ll start actually making it look good. So no, the proportions aren’t exact and there’s a lot wrong with it, but like I said, this is like a first pass to make sure I get the timing right. As more gets added, I’ll post more. I’m hoping one every weekend, but next weekend I’ll be out of town, so there won’t be one. But after next weekend, expect one every weekend to see how I’m doing.

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