Making of Tisha’s Portrait

This is just to show how I do my portraits. I’ve found a new way to do it that I find works better than how I was doing it. Before, I would sketch out every detail in pencil before starting with the copic markers. Another thing I used to do is outline everything, like a comic book. However, I find this way better and more natural.


I started with an quick outline. The picture she sent me to use was a selfie, so I had to sketch around and through where her phone and hand was. Just a quick sketch of her head without too much detail. This wasn’t my final sketch, as I had to adjust her nose and it took me a few tries to get her lips right.

WP_20160806_08_20_42_Pro 1

I did the glasses first. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of that process. But I used the neutral grays for the glasses, then a white out pen for the white reflections. For her face, I used the warm gray set. This was before blending the colors better, so the shadows are more in contrast than I ended up with. Usually, I blend and blend until there are multiple layers. Sometimes there are between five and six layers of color.


This was the first layer for the hair. I am again using the neutral grays. I had a hard time with her hair because of the way it picks up light. I also blended the colors of her face more and added white highlights to it.


Three layers into the hair and it’s starting to come together. I’ve started adding in Sharpie for the darkest parts that I don’t want to blend, like the tips and the strands up at the top. I did a about eleven layers of blending before I was happy with the hair.


The final picture. While I am happy with it, there are things I don’t like about it. But she’s happy with it, and that’s all that matters.

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